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Long Distance Movers for Phoenix- Interstate and International Moving Services

Moving out of Phoenix? choose the best long distance movers

Moving to a different state or country? Worried about how to get your belongings out safely? Your worry ends here. Long Distance Movers Phoenix AZ ensures that your belongings are safe and secure along the way. Irrespective of whether you are moving commercial goods or residential belongings, our long distance movers have experience and skilled staff that ensure proper packing and transport of your belongings. Not just do we excel in packing and moving, we also have thorough knowledge of the interstate and international shipping procedures that give you a secure feeling that your belongings are in the right hands.

West coast movers best long distance movers Phoenix AZ

We, Long Distance Movers Phoenix AZ have an experience in the packing and moving industry for almost two decades and provide first class quality treatment to our customers. We specialize in all kinds of services ranging from packing, loading, delivering and unpacking at your new destination. We also include a wide variety of moves that include

  • Office moves- If you planning to shift or move your office to another building or location, Long Distance Movers Phoenix AZ help get your office furniture securely packed and shifted without disturbing your daily operations. We also specialize in disassemble and assembly of workstations in new locations.
  • Household moves- We understand that when you hire us, for your household shifting that you are putting your entire trust on us to treat your belongings with utmost care. We ensure that your household belongings are well packed with the best packaging material in the industry and are transported to the new location safely.
  • International relocation- Not just do we help to move to a different state, Long Distance Movers Phoenix AZ also helps to relocate and move to a different country. We provide you a personal relocation coordinator who will oversee and supervise the movers and ensure that they do a thorough and perfect job.

Long Distance Movers Phoenix AZ provides exceptional features like

  • Personal relocation coordinator who supervises the entire moving process
  • Highly trained professional staff who expertise in packing and moving
  • Spacious vehicles and trucks according to your necessity
  • Secure storage space in the warehouse facility.
  • Warehousing and distribution facilities
  • Economical and affordable rates

Whether you need your belongings moved to a different state or country, we will ensure that your packaging and moving experience goes smooth and become a big success.

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Long distance movers at the West Coast

There are many different long distance moving companies available for moves across the West Coast.

These long distance movers specialize in moves to San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City to name just a few cities. More and more Americans are moving out to the West Coast because of its beauty and because of some of the job opportunities that are available. Here are some tips that you can follow to prepare for long distance movers in Phoenix, long-distance movers in San Diego and more.

Follow these long-distance moving tips and more to have a much more successful West Coast long-distance move.

1. Save your money230-x-374--west-coast-movers-usa-LONG-DISTANCE-MOVING

when using movers in Los Angeles or any West Coast city it’s important to consider that a long-distance move is going to cost substantially more than any local move. Long distance moving companies need to charge a bit more for the cost of a long-distance move simply because of the time that they lose on local moves during travel. Depending on how long your long-distance move may be it’s important that you save some money up front so that you can cover any of the expenses that you might incur over the cost of a long-distance move.

2. Plan your trip

during the course of your long-distance move it’s very important that you plan your trip accordingly. Make sure to take into account the time that you will require to reach her destination as well as unpack. This means that if you are starting a new job in a new city it’s very important that you maybe take the week before to travel and get established in your new home. You can also plan aspects of the trip including spots where you can stop, stay overnight and eat. This type of planning helps you to stay on schedule and allows you to reduce some of the man-hours that are used up during your West Coast move.

3. Consider ditching some of your stuff

long-distance movers generally charge by the square foot so if you are moving a lot of things a long-distance this can actually end up costing you a lot more money. If you can put on a yard sale or give away some of your items to charity before your move it’s possible that you can save a bit of money over the cost of your long-distance move.



How to save money when hiring a phoenix mover?

3 tips that will save you time and money on your phoenix mover

plan your moving list

There are many ways to save on a move; here are a few good ones that you can use in most cases. First a smart plan your moving list. Once you have chosen your phoenix movers, you know now what they charge you for cubic feet. Now go over your items and check how much it cost you to move them to the new house, and how much it will cost to simply buy new ones. For example old clothes you will never ware, electronics, furniture, souvenirs – we all have the stuff we never use. Now is the time to get rid of it. Remember every cubic feet you lose is money in your pocket!

reduce your stuff

Make money by selling the items you don’t use and take them out of your moving list. eBay Craig’s list or a good old garage sale can get you nice money to cover some of your moving expenses. Start with organizing your list and selling your items about 8 weeks before the move then you are not in a hurry to close a sale and you can get good prices. All items that didn’t sale are going for donation, and what is left to the garbage. If it’s out of the list it should never come back to it – sale, donation, garbage!

Save on packing supply

Now you have reduced your moving list it’s time to start packing. Saving on packing materials can keep valuable money in your pocket that you can use for other expenses. Moving supplies can be found at industrial and commercial zones where you can find used cardboard boxes, papers, protection cases and more “treasures” target big shops such as wall mart sears and alike. Protecting your items and furniture with your clothes is another way to save on packing supplies. Packing your glass cups into your sucks and your plates in between your t-shirts is a way to protect the kitchen fragile items and save space of boxes for clothes at the same time. Using your blankets to wrap furniture and protect them is a great way to save on space to.

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