Storage Services

With our storage facility your goods stay safely packed in their original cartons at the warehouse to prevent loss or damage.

Large upholstered furniture, such as sofas, protected from dust and dirt with the stretch wrap we apply before loading. Whether long or short term West Coast Movers storage service allows you the convenience of storing your goods securely until you can accept delivery.

You can count on us to keep your goods safe while in our care and deliver them to your home once you have scheduled a time

Free Storage

West Coast Storage

There are times when we have to shift our possessions and relocate things but, the place where we want the things to be shifted might not be ready. So, we need to store our things in proper storage facilities so that they don’t get damaged or spoiled. For such purposes, there is West Coast Storage who are not only good in moving things long distance but also give some great storage facilities.


Till the time you have your destination ready and tell them to move your things, West Coast Storage will keep your goods in their storage facilities till such a time. And, your things will be safe and secured till you are in a position to take the delivery.

And, before you get your belongings moved over to the West Coast storage, you need to ensure that they are packed in a proper manner with the right padding. If the packing is not good, you might face the chances of your goods getting destroyed.

The West coast storage is managed by the west coast movers who offer great packing as well as unpacking services. And, they also have their own moving boxes and packing materials which they sell and which can be useful in packing your materials. chicago movers

If you are packing your stuff on your own, then you need to note down the following points. Do remember that you should pack heavier items in smaller boxes and should not do over packing otherwise, it might get damaged. Label the items properly so that they don’t get misplaced. And, seal the boxes with proper packing tape. One important point to remember is that the things that will be required immediately at the new place should be packed and loaded last in the truck.

Once you take care of all these points, your goods will remain safe in the storage facilities for a longer time too. Nicely packed materials will always have a longer shelf or rack life.