choosing the right moving companies in los angeles

how to choose a moving company in los angeles and get the best value per cost?

Well there are many moving companies in LA that’s a fact! The question is how do you pick one out of the crowd?

I will start by describing the benefits and faults of each group of moving company.

 At the top you have the big names they are nationwide franchise that will sign you up on long contracts made by famous lawyers and usually you will not be able to figure why you pay so much money and for what. They have the highest quote in the market and basically you pay for the brand name to get the same service. Unless you have a large commercial relocation for 50 workers and their families, than you will get a better price.

The 2nd group of movers is the small family businesses; usually they have the best service per money rate. On one hand they must be competitive with the markets prices on the other hand they want you to get good service they need your reviews to build their brand’s good reputation. They are the movers who will go the extra mile for you when you have a small pickup just down the block. They are the movers who will compete with any quote you will give them from another registered company. They will give you a free storage. They are the movers who appreciate you the customer for putting food on their table.

The last group of movers is usually unregistered companies who are quoting very cheap and many times will ask money in advance will arrive with a rented truck or hold your belongings hostage in their storage asking for you to pay more. They are called moving scheme and you must stay away from them. A quote that is too good to be true is probably just that!