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Benefits of hiring a moving company on a long distance move

What is the best way to move when moving a long distance move out-of-state?

Do it yourself VS hiring a moving company on a long distance move.

Many people think renting a moving company is more expensive than doing it by yourself. Well it can be sometimes true when you are moving 1 bedroom apartment down the block, but when adding the extra miles and more rooms and boxes it will be smarter to hire professional movers. Some research shows us that it is actually cheaper to hire movers on long distance relocation.

Here are a few factors to consider if you stand before this decision

1. Moving expenses

 Expenses that usually paid by the moving company such as: cost of fuel, remember that a moving truck or your pickup with a trailer will consume a lot of fuel, so if your destination is more than 50 miles better hire a moving company. Another high cost that usually is not taken in the moving cost is food beverage and accommodation on the road. More moving costs that includes when you hire movers are packing and protecting your items with professional gear, special gear that required at some cases such as cranes lifts and trolleys. Insurance expenses for the movers and your belongings. Storage cost is another thing to consider since moving companies with a storage will give you a free storage space if you will need it.281 x 417 moving long distance with west coast movers

2. Don’t waste your time

Time is the most valuable resource we have in our life and the only one that we can’t get more of. Evan when you hire a moving company the time spent on research and choosing the right movers then packing and organizing the rooms is a mission that will take a lot of your time. Most experts recommend on starting preparing 2 months in advance. Imagine how much time it will take to do this all by yourself including packing all boxes and furniture to the truck than driving cross-country to your new destination and unpack it all at your new home. Movers that do that 7 days a week for years are taking time to do it, usually they split the move.

3. Keep it safe and watch for your health

Health is an important thing to consider. Professional movers are using special gear and technique to protect their health
when they lift heavy weight. They are professional drivers who are used to drive full load trucks and trailers, driving a heavy truck or towing a trailer with no knowledge and experience of loading and driving it can be a risk to you and the other drivers on the road. If we add to the equation the poor maintenance of the rental trucks you are risking an accident.

To conclude moving to a new place, is at the top 5 big traumas in our life. It is already stressful for all members of the family. My suggestion to you is hire movers! do not try to save the small change, you might end up losing the big money!